U7 Program

AGES 6-7


Fall: Oct. 29 to Jan. 21st from 6-6:45pm at the Aurora Sports Dome

Winter: Jan. 28th to Apr. 14th from 6-6:45pm at the Aurora Sports Dome


Fall: Nov. 2nd to Jan. 25th (excluding long weekends) from 10-10:45am at the Aurora Sports Dome

Winter: Feb. 1st to May 2nd (excluding long weekends) from 10-10:45am at the Aurora Sports Dome 

Our under seven (U7) program expands on developing a sound foundation of individual soccer skills and ability. Our program aligns with the Soccer Canada Long Term Player Development model by placing emphasis on essential movement skills and fitness components. Players will increase competencies in core areas of fitness such as, agility, balance, coordination, and endurance. In addition, players will maximize their time with the ball and in possession. At this stage of learning, the program also looks to implement ideas of moving into open space, anticipating and effectively communicating with teammates. Learning to support one another on the pitch by providing information like “time/turn” and calling “ball” which will build confidence and trust among teammates. Teaching kids to think critically in sport involves exploring ideas, experiencing success, and challenging themselves by taking risks through trial and error. The program will use game-like activities and situations to challenge players to analyze their next move, movement away from the ball, and strategize with teammates. Each session will then end with actual gameplay. The program will assist players in developing additional learning skills such as collaboration and initiative. These skills are transferable well beyond the soccer field.


Aurora, ON, Canada

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