U5 Program

AGES 4-5


Fall: Oct. 29 to Jan. 21st from 6-6:45pm at the Aurora Sports Dome

Winter: Jan. 28th to Apr. 14th from 6-6:45pm at the Aurora Sports Dome


Fall: Nov. 2nd to Jan. 25th (excluding long weekends) from 10-10:45am  at the Aurora Sports Dome

Winter: Feb. 1st to May 2nd (excluding long weekends) from 10-10:45am at the Aurora Sports Dome 

Our under five (U5) program expands on the foundation of learning through physical literacy while aiming to increase individual skill and ability.  This program will promote social and motor development, while exploring additional sport specific skills.  The game of soccer lends itself as the perfect vehicle to build essential movement skills such as core strength, agility, coordination, running, jumping, and throwing just to name a few.  Here, Rising Stars players will participate in interactive, modified, game like activities that will ultimately improve their kicking, throwing, catching, and changing direction skills. They will then compete in gameplay at the end of every session. At this stage of development, it is important kids experience success by learning age appropriate skills in order to instill a passion for the game.  These fun and informal activities create an emotionally safe environment whereby they can take risk in sport and embrace challenge.  Building resiliency will set the players up for success, not just in soccer, but in all areas of life.


Aurora, ON, Canada

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